Bad Boys for Life (2020) Full Movie Watch English Subtitles

Bad Boys for Life (2020) Full Movie English Subtitles HD 720p

Bad Boys for Life (2020) Full Movie Review and Cast

Bad Boys for Life Movie Cast:- Will Smith · Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Nuñez, Kate del Castillo · Nicky Jam

After Mike's recovery, he tries unsuccessfully to hire the now-retired Marcus, determined to take revenge, leading to a feud between them. Mike violently gets the identity of arms dealer Booker Gracie from an informant. Realizing that Mike would not pay attention to the order to stay away from the investigation, Captain Howard reluctantly allowed him to work with the technology-driven team in charge of Advanced Miami Metro Operations (AMMO) led by Mike's ex-girlfriend Rita. When the team observes Gracie in an arms deal, Mike determines that buyers want to kill Gracie and intervene but fail to save him. Later, Marcus is called Carver Remy, an old informant who believes the killer is behind him. Marcus contacts Mike and the pair travel to Carver, but it is too late to save him. Armando escapes after a boxing fight with Mike Captain Howard also expressed his intention to retire later, advising Mike to find a way forward in life. Shortly afterward, Armando kills him abruptly.

Isabel Aretas, the widow of Cartel Kingpin Benito, escapes from a Mexican prison with the help of her son Armando. Isabel sends Armando to Miami, tasking him with recovering a substantial amount of money hidden by his father Benito, as well as arresting his father and killing those responsible for his eventual death in prison. Isabel claims that Armando eventually killed Miami detective Mike Lore.

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In Miami, Mike with his partner Marcus Burnett during the birth of his first grandchild. Eager to spend more time with his family, the elderly Marcus tells Mike that he wants to retire, to Mike's grief. During a party to celebrate Marcus' grandson, Mike Armando shot him and left him in a coma for several months. Mike is punished by Isabelle for first targeting, while Armando continues to kill other targets on his list during Mike's recovery.

I really like this movie

I hope everyone will like it

Full Name Bad Boys for Life (2020) Full Movie English Subtitles HD 720p
Year 2020
Language English
Quality 1080p
Genres Action/Buddy cop
Formet Mp4
Time 2h 4m
Budget 90 million USD
Rating 6.5/10
Country Mexico
Movie Director Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi
Produced Will Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer, Doug Belgrad,
Starring Will Smith,Martin Lawrence ,Vanessa Hudgens ,Alexander Ludwig ,Charles Melton ,Paola Nuñez ,Kate del Castillo,Nicky Jam
Size 1.2GB
Release January 17, 2020

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